How to Spam Like on People's Instagram Quickly

You can do spam like other Instagram accounts in a way that we will discuss in this article, spam like Instagram does not require your Instagram password.

You only need to use fake email to be able to do methods like this Instagram without having to enter your Instagram account first and of course this 100% safe method doesn't give a negative side to your Instagram account.

Before following this step, make sure you have the target account's photo URL to be given spam like IG.
NOTE: Other people's Instagram accounts that you want to spam like must be "PUBLIC", This trick will not work if the Instagram account is targeted to be "Private"

Spam Liker Instagram 2019 Work 100%

Step 1 - Please open the Instagram application on each cellphone.

Step 2 - Find other people's Instagram accounts that you want to spam like Instagram.

Step 3 - Open the address for spam tools like Instagram here.

Step 4 - Enter the instagram @username of the person you want to spam likes.

Click Get to continue.

Step 5 - After that a new page will open, and you will get the target list Images content Instagram.

Step 6 - Select the target photo or videos that you will give bomb like.

Step 7 - Enter a fake email address and click Compirm and wait for the process to finish.

Step 8 - After completion, there will be a notification in the form of an image like the example below.

NOTE: You can only send bombs like about 50 in number, so it's no more and no less.

The final word

Thus information about Instagram tips that we can deliver this time. If you are interested in other Instagram-like spam tips, you can read some of our articles below.

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